The Viking Ancestry of the Norwegian Forest Cat

A breed whose ancestors hung around the Vikings, the Norwegian Forest Cat is built for the elements. This is a large, sturdy breed with a thick multi-layer coat, which grows very long during the winter but sheds during the summer. They even have tracks of hair inside their ear to deflect wind and snow, which some have compared to racing stripes. Thanks to their wild heritage, they are exceptional climbers, and are even capable of scaling rocky surfaces.

Norwegian Forest Cats are big, strong cats with big, strong personalities, and are by no means low maintenance. These are active creatures that require regular exercise and play. However, Norwegian Forest Cats are also intelligent and devoted creatures. They are known to be loud (sometimes rivaling the volume of dogs), but they’re also extremely friendly and loving.

Norwegian Forest Cats are recommended for families, as they get along well with both children and dogs. Prospective owners should make certain that they can tend to the cats’ needs, as well as the patience to comb their thick coat during the winter as well as clean up their shedding during the summer. Owners should also be wary about kidney and heart problems, which are hereditary to many Norwegian Forest Cats. People dead-set on acquiring a Norwegian Forest Cat from a breeder should check the breeders’ databases in order to avoid a feline with these genetic disorders.

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