Lucky is on his way!!!

a dog

From: Natasha Walters
Monday, September 09, 2013

Picked up lucky!! He looks great, still had a bunch of water in his bowls and was barking loudly for the lovely women at united ? thank you again for your help cialis ohne rezept

You made a huge difference in this process and I will forever recommend you for anything in regards to pet travel!! Everything was so easy and your kindness and care with lucky was obvious!



On Monday, September 9, 2013, Michael Foley wrote:
Good evening

Please be advised that everything went well here tonight and Lucky is now ready to fly and is at United Airlines.
a dog
This is a photo of him in his transport kennel, which has (2) 2.5 quart pails which are filled with ice for his enjoyment and to also slow melt during the trio to give him plenty of fresh water.

Lucky is wearing a harness and his leash is attached to the kennel door as you can see on the photo.

All of his paperwork is attached to the top of his kennel, please make sure that you get all of this back from the airline when you pickup Lucky I’m the morning.

We will monitor his flight through the evening but we do ask that once you have him that you please confirm his safe arrival.

Many thanks & best regards.

Michael Foley

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