Lion-tailed Macaques escape from Belfast Zoo, Northern Ireland

A search is continuing for two missing monkeys who escaped from Belfast Zoo on Monday.

The two are part of a group of six lion-tailed macaques who made the great escape from their enclosure, wrong-footing their keepers who remain in hot pursuit.

One of the escapees was brought down in a “rugby tackle” by a keeper that, a member of the public suggested, would make him a shoe-in for the Ireland rugby team.

Four of the animals have since been caught but the elusive duo are still at large.

A statement from zoo manager Mark Challis said: “Four of the macaques have since been returned to their enclosure, where they have rejoined the rest of the group. The other two animals have been sighted onsite or in close proximity to the zoo. We have been monitoring their movements over the past few days and we have a number of traps and staff located in the areas where they are frequently being spotted.”

“We are confident that all of the macaques will soon be found and returned to their enclosure. If anyone sees the lion-tailed macaques we would ask them to contact the zoo immediately. Although they pose no danger to the public, we would ask that you do not attempt to approach or catch the animal.”

Lion-tailed macaques can reach up to two feet in length.

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