Kabang Update


Kabang Update

Courtesy of http://www.facebook.com/careforkabang

It appears … that there is still too much misinformation out there about what is actually going to happen to Kabang. In about 6 weeks, she will hopefully be finished with her heartworm treatment and will be re-evaluated to see if she is healthy enough for her facial surgeries.

UC Davis has stated all along that those surgeries will consist of dental work and closing the gaping wound on her face. RECREATING KABANG’S SNOUT IS NOT POSSIBLE. Because of misinformation in the media or people’s refusal to read up on the entire background of this story, UC Davis has had to repeat this over and over. It is medically impossible for this to happen. It would be like if you lost your arm and went to the doctor and asked them to regrow your arm.

Furthermore, a prosthetic snout is not possible either. It would be a useless appendage on her face. The technology doesn’t exist to create a snout that could connect with nerve endings to make it function like a real snout. Even if that technology did exist, a dog’s jaw is too powerful for it to work. The first time she tried to bite down on something, the prosthetic would snap off her face, causing even more damage than she’s already sustained.

Kabang is not blind. She sees just fine. Luckily, the wound tore her face off right under the eye cavity.

Kabang can still smell. One can smell not because one has a nose, but because one has olfactory sensors. Kabang’s olfactory sensors work just fine. Actually, she may be able to smell even better now because those sensors are exposed and closer to whatever she is sniffing.

Kabang’s tongue does not dry out. As a matter of fact, if you ever held her, she would slobber all over you.

As for how she eats – there have been several videos posted here on this FB page, on UC Davis’ website and online of her eating. Look them up.

Kabang has a family who legally owns her. They love her and want the best for her. And before you say, “Well what’s best for her is to stay in America with a family who will take better care of her,” don’t even think about that! Being less privileged than others is not a reason to have your dog taken away. UC Davis, Care For Kabang, Dr. Lim and everyone else involved in getting her to America have a legal obligation to return her to her family in the Philippines once her procedures are complete. Nothing else was ever considered. Care For Kabang and Dr. Lim will see to it that she receives the proper medical care and nutrition once she is back with her family so she can live a long, happy and healthy life.

Kabang does not appear to be in any pain. She has lived this way for over a year now. Whatever initial pain she was in has long since subsided.

Humans could learn a lot from Kabang. One of our biggest downfalls, sometimes, is that we can think and reason. She doesn’t know that chemo treatments should make her sick, so she just jumps up off the table when it’s done and goes about her day like nothing happened. She doesn’t know that putting poison in her body to kill off heartworms can be deadly to her, so she acts as if it’s no big deal. We as humans think too much about these types of things, and worry about it, and feel sorry for ourselves – all of which probably makes it worse for us. Kabang, on the other hand, just instantly forgets about it and goes on to the next thing on her agenda for the day, which is usually eating, sleeping, sniffing or playing.

She is about the most playful and happy dog we’ve ever met. Anyone who spends two minutes with her would never consider putting her down. She would steal your heart instantly!

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