Kabang seems to have beaten cancer

Veterinarian Gina Davis at the University of California, Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital (VMTH), says that Kabang appears to have beaten the cancer she was suffering from.

“There is no evidence of any remaining tumour,” she told the San Francisco Chronicle. “As far as we know she has been cured of the transmissible venereal tumour.”

However Kabang is still facing treatment for heartworms in her arteries before she can have the gaping wound on her face closed.

Kabang ended up in Davis earlier this year after a nurse from Buffalo, NY, spearheaded a fundraising campaign to bring her to the US. More than $20,000 was donated from 20 countries in the online campaign to improve her quality of life. Kabang was given a special mass, a three-hour motorcade and 300 dogs attended a send-off ceremony before her flight to California on October 8.

Global Animal Transport provided handling and professional ground transport to California.

For a regular update on her progress check out the Timeline on UC Davis website:


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