Jack transported from Los Angeles to Guangzhou China

Global Animal Transport LLC recently transported “Jack” for Simon & Sue Wang from L.A. to Guangzhou, China. They were kind enough to send the following testimonial.

Thank you so much Mike for taking such good care of our baby. We are blessed to have not given into other companies and settling on really inhumane service to dogs and pets. I truly believe that my persistence paid off when I was unwilling to accept less than perfect service. That is when we found you. Jack’s trip will be stressful, but you made it so much less for him and for us. Again thank you for caring and taking the time. Your love for animals truly shows. If and when we come back to the US, be assured I’ll be connecting with you again. I truly will refer you to others as well.

Also, will send you some pics of Jack when he safely arrives in Guangzhou.

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