Have Your Furry Friend Star on a Holiday Photo Greeting Card

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‘Tis the season to be jolly and what makes people happier than receiving print cards with holiday photos of an ultra-cute pet? As part of the family, your pooch deserves to be in the spotlight during the holidays. According to the Greeting Card Association, Americans purchase more than 6.5 billion greeting cards annually, and the most popular of seasonal cards are Christmas cards, with more than 1.6 billion purchased each year. Set your card out from the crowd by sending your ‘Seasons Greetings’ with a custom printed card with your furry friend on the cover.

Choose a Theme

Share the holidays with friends and family with a greeting card that reflects your (and your pet’s) unique personality! If you adore the classic symbols of Christmas, dress Fido in a doggy-size Santa suit or help him dress in his best with a spirited holiday sweater. For a less traditional theme, consider incorporating your favorite things into the photo. For example, NFL fans can create a football-themed holiday photo, complete with jersey and football arranged in front of the Christmas tree.

Set Up the Props

Props can make an ordinary photograph look spectacular if done right. Be creative and use holiday-specific objects, toys and graphics to make the scene come to life. Tie a silky red Christmas bow around your pup’s neck, or position him inside a wrapped gift box and take the photo as he’s peeking out under the lid. For a fun and humorous picture, allow Fido to rip up wrapping paper or hide in the center of a festive pine wreath. Add several sparking ornaments or twinkling lights in the background instead of relying on fluorescent lighting.

Make Fido Happy

Grumpy pets do not result in happy-go-lucky photographs. Get your pet in a good mood for his photo shoot with a few treats, his favorite toy or a little pampering. Dogs that are too excited may have difficulty holding still. To avoid having to chase Fido around with a camera, bring him for a walk prior to the shoot to help release excess energy. Pets that have been walked, fed, rested and paid attention to will be more likely to sit still so you can get that amazing shot.

Keep His Attention

It’s can be challenging to keep a pup’s attention in even the best of circumstances. Calling your pet’s name will only make him run to you, while offering a treat will make him jump for joy. Keep your pet’s interest by using a non-threatening noise maker or make unusual sounds yourself. Imitate a dog bark, whistle or chip like a bird. As your dog turns his head to look in the direction of the sound, snap the photo. This technique will also work for story-telling pictures. Position Fido in front of the chimney and when the noisemaker inside the chimney goes off, your pooch will look as if he’s waiting for Santa’s arrival.

Get in the Picture

Along with the solo pictures of your furry companion, snap a few pictures together. Put your arm around your dog and show your affection for your pet through film. Most cameras are equipped with timers that allow you to join in on the fun. Allow your pet to share kisses, shake his paw or offer a holiday toy in the photographs. Take the fun outdoors and snap photographs of your dog digging his nose in the snow as he searches for the ball you’ve just thrown.

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