Endanged Animals – The Rhino

Rhinos have lived on earth for 50 million years but now they are critically endangered due to poaching. Their horns are used as an aphrodisiac in traditional Chinese medicine and to make ceremonial dagger handles in the Middle East (called jambiyas).

Hopefully conservation efforts and habitat protection are starting to make a small difference to the fate of these magnificent animals.

Rhinos can grow to over 6 feet tall and more than 11 feet in length. They can run as fast as 35 mph.

Rhino Species Still In The Wild.

Asian One-Horned: Asian One-Horned Rhinos live in India and Nepal and like to feed on leaves, grass, fruit, branches, and shrubs. They can weigh anywhere from 3300-4400 pounds. Asian One-Horned are also known as the Rhinoceros Unicornis. They are also known for there ability to swim. There are only about 2500 Asian One-Horned Rhino’s left.

White Rhino: White Rhinos have two horns. They are one of the biggest species in the Rhinocerotidea family. They like to graze in flat terrain, savanna and woodland with open grasslands. They live in Central Africa. They weigh anywhere from 5070-7936 pounds. They aren’t known for their swimming and are sometimes seen backing into water. There are two types – the Northern White and the Southern White. There are less than 35 Northern White Rhinos left, and about 9000 Southern Rhinos.

Black Rhino: The Black Rhino has two horns, and is from the Eastern and Southern part of Africa. They like to eat bushes, leaves, seedlings, and fruit. They weigh between 2195-3000 pounds and like to graze in bushy plains, and rugged hills. There are only around 2700 left.

Javan Rhino: The Javan is the least numerous Rhino still in existence. They like to eat leaves, twigs, and fallen fruit. They graze in dense lowland, and tropical rainforests. After the extinction of Javan Rhino in Vietnam in 2010, only one small population of Javan rhinos remains, in Java, Indonesia, with fewer than 50 individuals. These Rhinos were thought to be extinct until 1988.

Sumatran Rhino: Sumatran Rhinos are one of the smallest Rhinos in the family. They are only 8-9 feet long, and 3-5 feet tall at the shoulders. They only weigh between 1300-1700 pounds. They prefer to live in tropical rainforests and eat fruit, leaves, twigs, and bark. They live in Southeast Asia. There are less than 400 of these Rhinos left today.

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