Buffalo Zoo’s New Fluffy Bear Cub Luna


Buffalo Zoo in New York state introduced a fluffy three-month-old cub called Luna to the public on Friday.

Luna was born on November 27 and has been hand raised by the zoo’s veterinary technician and keepers.

Her parents, Anana and Nanuq, had to be relocated as the zoo’s previous, century-old polar bear enclosure no longer met current national standards.

Buffalo Zoo keeper, Alice Rohauer, who served as a surrogate mother for the little bear, said Luna was “a handful”, but “fun to take care of”.

The Buffalo Zoo said it is one of only two zoos in North America to have polar bear births in 2012.

The cub is still too small to exhibit but she is visible via closed-circuit television at the zoo on weekday afternoons.

Her mother Anana, who did not display maternal instincts, now resides at the Brookfield Zoo outside Chicago.

Luna’s father, Nanuq, is at Columbus Zoo, in Ohio.

Updates about the polar bear cub can be found on its website, or on the Zoo’s Facebook page.

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