5 Advances in Pet Technology for Man’s Best Friend

Man’s best friend has found a home with more than 100 million people in the United States, according to the Humane Society. The pet industry is going strong, opening up plenty of opportunity for research and development on new pet technology geared for dogs. Whether you want a high-tech treat dispenser or great doggie doors, here are some of the latest advances to supremely pamper your pet.

Doggie Doors

One issue many people have with doggie doors is they let in other animals, such as stray cats, dogs, and even raccoons. One way to avoid this is through Petsafe doggie doors that are handled by electronic locks. They allow you to program which pets are allowed into the great outdoors, so you avoid letting out pets that should stay inside and vice versa.


DogTV might sound a bit bizarre, but it actually works out pretty well for yourself and the dog. It’s a television channel that allows your dog to become engaged with the television. It’s a collection of shows that really captures the dog’s interest and occupies them when they are home alone or otherwise bored. Venture Beat reports it comes from several television cable providers, along with the Roku streaming media box, giving you a few options when it comes to getting your dog some television.


Everything is better with lasers. The Dart Automatic Pet Laser Toy is a laser tower that displays a laser on the ground several feet away from the device in various patterns. It stimulates the dog and gets them playing, even when no one else is around. This toy also works out well if you have cats along with your dogs, and you want to get them something they can all play with together.

Tagg Pet Tracker

If you worry about your animals wandering off into the sunset, hook them up with a GPS tag. This tracking tag allows you to pinpoint where your pet ends up, whether they’re visiting the neighbors, or taking a trip deep into the woods. It also allows you to track how much exercise your pet gets, so it has a purpose outside of disaster. If your dog needs more exercise, you can tell through this device.

Tagg - The Pet Tracker (charging)

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